Dave The Rave Feedback

From : Ray G.
March 13, 2004

Dave, my best friend sent me a link to your site. This is absolutely incredible, because not only do you and I speak the same language (= rare, rare, uncharted oldies!), but we have a few friends in common. I also know Phlash (he was at my house in Cleveland last Summer), and I have met Pat St. John.

At any rate....I went through your website, and especially your Playlists, with glee! I have been a record collector for years and years, and have one hell of a collection myself. I am 56 and have had an interest in both radio and music since about 1960, when I was actually on the radio at the tender age of 12, for about 6 months with a bunch of neighborhood buddies. (But, that's another story in itself!) I have about 700 45s, and have a ton of music from CDs and the Internet (I RAPED Napster when they were in their heyday). I currently collect music on videotape, using Beta HiFi Beta tapes. I have over 75 3-hour Beta HiFi tapes and am still collecting.

At any rate....considering you have such an expansive record collection, I wonder if you could help me with my Want List. I have published a Want List since 1967, and thanks to Napster, about 90% of the rarest wants are now gone...but that last 10% is really elusive. They are both charter and uncharted solngs, but I'm looking for them in stereo only...I have an expansive collection of Cleveland radio from the 1960s thru the mid 1970s (which is when I got into home video, and music and radio then fell by the wayside), but most of that is in gorgeous mono, taken off A.M. radio. Please let me know if we can possibly help each other. I could send you a list in the Exell format of what I have clean, off CD or the Internet (LOTS of rare stuff there, too!), and I could send you my Want List. Thanks for your time, and please get back to me when you have the chance...looking forward to hearing from you!

Ray G.
Cleveland, Ohio

From : Linda G.:
March 7, 2004

Hi Dave,

I absolutely love your show and am glued to the radio at 5:00 p.m. California time each Saturday afternoon. It has occurred to me that you could perhaps make money by selling copies of your shows. Each week, I think, "Wow, he's outdone himself this week" .... and the shows just keep getting better and better!! How I wish I'd taped the last couple of shows, as I'd loved to have gotten "She Sleeps Alone" by Pat Shannon on tape!! Having grown up in the San Francisco area, that song was played, but not for long. I was surprised to hear you say that the song was top 20 on KHJ. I also loved the records by the Fortunes you played on that show, and the British Invasion songs you've played lately. I was absolutely amazed you had the music from the cartoon show "Fireball XL5" (I think circa 1963/64) at the beginning and end of your show which aired 3-6-04!! You amaze me every week with something absolutely wonderful that I thought I'd never hear again, and with many records I have never heard before!!!!

I have a couple of song requests if you could possibly find the records. Would you possibly have a record which came out in 1964 by a girl group called the Accents entitled "I've Got Better Things to Do"? It was descending the charts about the time "You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling" came out. There's also another song I'd really love to hear which got nowhere in this part of the country but was a minor hit elsewhere called "Love Machine" by the Roosters out of 1968. It has a sort of "Beatley" flavor. Also, could you possibly play "She Sleeps Alone" again so I can tape it?

I wish you could do a longer show for XM Radio, but I'm absolutely delighted to get to hear you when I can. I've let them know by phone and E-mail just how much I love your show!! I also really enjoy the fact that you tell us about the songs ... those wonderful tidbits of information kind of remind me of Casey Kasim when he was just fine-tuning his D.J. persona on KEWB in the Oakland/San Francisco area between 1961 and 1965. It's rare these days to hear someone playing records on a radio who is really knowledgeable about the music, the labels, the producers, etc.

Thanks again for your wonderful Relics and Rarities show!!! I really am loving those obscure records--and, by the way, seemingly so many great records came out late 1963 and throughout 1964-65 when the songwriters such as those from the Brill Building and records produced by such legends as Phil Spector and Snuffy Garrett were being imitated so well. Might that be the subject of a future show? Whatever you play on future shows, I'll love hearing it!! Thanks again.

--Linda G.

From: Lee D.
March 1, 2004

There were so many tunes to like in the 8am show. I've always enjoyed I'm Alive by the Hollies. Was it just that it was never released as a single here, or did it totally flop when it came out, not even bubbling under? It had that characteristic Hollies sound, so I can't imagine why it didn't happen? Big Tops fan, and Yesterday's Dreams has always been a favorite. Hadn't heard the Jimmy Ruffin or Cherry Slush tunes before and enjoyed them!

Always liked that Bunny Sigler version of LTGTR. Changing Colors was a revelation to me, never having heard it. When you played that Chartbusters tune, it sent a chill up and down my spine. Hadn't heard it since the month it came out. Their She's the One is in my 45's collection, and I had a recollection of the tune, but had no idea it was the Chartbusters. I was
guessing it was the Newbeats until you back announced it (and played a different Newbeats tune to follow it up).

But I ramble.........

Thanks as always for the wonderful show. Will that extra Friday night at 11pm slot be yours on a regular basis on XM?

Lee D.
Washington, D.C.

From Sue G.
February 19th, 2004

Hi Dave:

I was born in 1958 and have two older brothers and one older sister. Needless to say I have an avid memory of a lot of 60's music. Every summer my family would go to Panama City Beach (64-65-66-67 timeframe) so we heard a lot of "beach music", particularly that popular in Ga-Fla-SC.. There was one song we all loved called "Broken Arrow" that we were never ever to find to buy. Do you have it? I have called my brothers and sister and asked them for the artist and will let you know when I hear from them. I am sorry that this is so sketchy but it is the best I can do right now.

By the way I love your show. It needs to be advertised more on XM Radio as I just stumbled across it on a Saturday night.

--Susan G.
Rome, GA

From Jeff Zang
January 31st, 2004


I've just gotten XM within the last couple of weeks, and I have really enjoyed your show. It's so nice to hear things from the 60's I haven't heard yet and I especially liked the song "Rapid Transit" that you played on tonight's show. I also got a kick from the story about Captain Beefheart appearing on "AB", I'd love to see that one, it must be up there with the time that Syd Barrett's Pink Floyd was on. I have seen a clip of the 13th Floor Elevators on "Where The Action Is" doing "Your Gonna Miss Me", this is also a hoot as Clark clearly doesn't have a clue as to what the Elevators are about.

One request, any chance of playing "TNT" by The Nashville Teens? This group is a fave of mine, their records always have killer piano breaks (the pianist is John Hawken, he later ended up in Keith Relf's version of Renaissance). It's the flip side of "Google Eye".

Your show and "Rockabilly Roadtrip" on the 50's channel are great and I look forward every week to hearing both.

Jeff Zang

From: Greg W.
January 25th 2004

Hey, Dave. Like on your show. I wish it was 2 hours instead of 1!!!

Have you heard of a group called The Banned? I think they had a couple of "non-hits" in the 60's. I remember hearing them on my AM radio...

Let me know if you have heard of them and if you can play.

Keep up the good work.

Greg W.
Scottsdale AZ
xmradio listener since the beginning...

From M.F.W.
January 18th, 2004

Hi, Dave. Love the show -- it's a real pleasure to actually hear stuff from
the 60's that I've ever never heard, or at least haven't heard in decades.

Three suggestions:

1) one of your songs today, "Witchi Tai To," is out on a legal CD: HARD TO
FIND 45s ON CD Vol. 6, on Eric Records 11512. Sounds great, and it's also
in stereo.

2) another one, "Have I Stayed Too Long" by Sonny & Cher, was on their Atco
CD THE BEAT GOES ON, #91796, from about 15 years ago. That one's the mono
single mix, and sounds okay.

3) when you do have to play mono 45RPM singles on the air, pan the left and
right channels to center. That way, you'll cancel out almost half of the
ticks and pops and noise, and it'll sound a lot better on the air.

BTW, if you're ever looking for any rare charted hits, let me know and I'll
see what I can do. There's a ton of stuff that never gets any air play
(even on XM), and I'd love to see these songs get out there.

Thanks again for the show. Now, if I can just remember when it's on so I
can be sure to tape it or listen to it live!


We found this weblog that talked about Dave's last show on WPDQ-FM in Freehold, NJ. It was such a touching tribute that we had to include it here!

Monday, January 26nd, 2003


DAVE THE RAVE and 89.7

Tonight, January 25th, 2003 was the final broadcast of the greatest DJ to ever grace the airwaves. Dave the Rave was the host for “Relics and Rarities” which me and my good friends from high school, (which Dave dubbed “wades world”) listened to every Saturday night.

Early in the summer of 2002, one of my friends found on obscure radio station, 89.7, WPDQ. This station played no ads, and the weirdest selection of music I ever heard. It took us at least 2 weeks until we heard a public service announcement which featured the stations call letters, and to this date we have yet to hear a commercial break. Although most of the music was strange for us, we listened all the time in our cars because any station that could go from “Earth Angel” to “Whats love got to do with it” to Chumbawumba deserved to be listened to…constantly. Finally we found on Saturday night they had DJ Dave the Rave.

Upon listening to Dave, it becomes obvious that the man just loves to be on the radio. He makes very little money and only goes on the air once a week, he has a “real” day job, so Relics and Rarieties is sort of a hobby for him. That being the case, it became obvious very quickly to us that Dave the Rave was just a guy that enjoyed sharing his music and knowledge with anyone that would listen or call in.

Eventually two members of my group decided to make the call, Travis and Wade. They put in a request for the song which I had recently downloaded on my computer, Sam the Shams “Wooley Bully”. We were hooked. Although Dave wouldn’t put us on the air at first (fearing, we as 18 year olds would start cursing up a storm on a public radio station that had little to no editing capabilities) but eventually, we gained Daves trust. We called in every week and he soon dubbed us, “Wades World!!!!!!!!!!” (which we would have to scream everytime we came onto the air.) I guess we were supposed to be portrayed as a wild group of kids who were always going to parties, smokin J’s and listening to crazy old records, (of course, we’re not anything like that.) That’s because it was odd for a bunch of kids to call into this show. Most of the stations listeners were around the age of 45-65, so to Dave that meant that we, a bunch of 18/19 year old kids, represented a new era in listening. I think he hoped that we would “carry the torch” so to speak, and keep the old funky music alive. By listening to Daves show, I did develop a love for some of the older songs he played, most notably a group called the Sonics.

For six months, Dave the Raves relics and rarieties was the soundtrack to Saturday nights. Unfortunatly, the station WPDQ has been bought by a church, and after tonight will be converted into some preachy station leaving Dave without a DJ position. As Dave says however, “this is simply a new beginning” as he is searching for a new station to DJ on.

Godspeed Dave.

R.I.P. 89.7 WPDQ

Beef out.